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What can you say about Bombay

We are here.

It still feels surreal. We are on a round the world trip and at our first destination.

Air India was a very hospitable airline.

Not knowing what to expect, Indian people are similar to the Chinese in their hospitality and for airline food, it was good, and they kept coming back to see if we wanted seconds or third servings of everything, not in the US for sure. More<
The Moment You've Been Waiting For

Let me first begin by saying this is the most surreal experience, better than we ever imagined for our wedding day.

Fred will tell you the story of the two of us making a pilgrimage to HK in January to ask Francis if he would receive us and do a small private ceremony with him and his family. We just wanted an exotic yet traditional Chinese ceremony in his home to honor his culture and our gratitude for welcoming us in to his extended family.

Francis wanted to throw a party and we reluctantly agreed. “Small party,” Francis said,” Thirty or forty of my friends” he shared. More<
The Promised Land

Who would have thought we would meet Jesus Christ in Canada of all places, but, he is here along with Nostradamus.

More about that later.

Mike Lizanich graciously transported us to the airport to say his farewells and is only appropriate, since he is the one who introduced us so he should have to be the one to get up before the chickens to start us on our journey. More<

Murder, Mayhem and Matrimony at the Log Mahal

NASCAR Diecast mogul Fred Wagenhals took the mock plunge Saturday amidst the murder subterfuge in the sleepy golf community Chaparral Pines to his betrothed, Real Estate Broker and Radio talk show host Heather Quintero.

A ruse devised by the couple to include local friends and relatives to participate in a wedding they otherwise will perform overseas made a smashing impact on uninitiated wedding guests. More<